Parablennius zvonimiri

Author: (Kolombatovic, 1892)

Parablennius zvonimiri (Kolombatovic, 1892)

Status in World Register of Marine Species:
Accepted name: Parablennius zvonimiri (Kolombatovic, 1892) (updated 2009-06-25)

Diagnosis. dorsal finrays XII + 18; anal finrays II + 19-20; pectoral finrays 14; pelvic finrays I + 3. Often many tentacles on front-head and nape. Colour: basically chocolate-brown; at base of dorsal fin 7 bright white or yellow spots; at base of caudal fin a dark brown spot; most populations with delicate black spots on head. Spawning males with large orbital tentacles and bulb glands on spiny anal finrays. Size: to 7 cm.

Habitat: dimly lit biotopes like overhanging rocks or caves, down to 6 m; inhabiting piddock holes. Behaviour: males court by rearing up front of body. Rivals are threatened by yawning. Swims unlike other Blennies species with continual support of pectoral fins. Food: grazing periphyton from the substrate. Reproduction. May-July.

Distribution: Mediterranean and Black Sea.