Scopeloberyx rubrivenster

Author: (Koefoed, 1953)

Scopeloberyx rubriventer (Koefoed, 1953)

Diagnosis: head 45-50% of SL. Eye 6-7.3% of SL. D II + 11-12; A I + 8. Origin of anal fin under third to fourth from last ray of dorsal fin. Size: described from five juvenile specimens measuring 2.2-2.8 cm SL; adults not known.

Habitat: bathypelagic, the five known specimens having been caught in a large net with 3,000 m wire out. Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: south of the Azores. Only known from five juvenile specimens whose identification is considered in doubt.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. No data.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.