Genus Diaphus

Diaphus Eigenmann and Eigenmann, 1890

Mouth moderate to large, jaws extending from less than one-half to more than one eye diameter behind posterior margin of orbit. Maxillae not or only slightly expanded posteriorly. Pterotic spine sometimes well developed. Lateral line well developed. At least one pair of sexually dimorphic luminous glands on head. PVO oblique, almost in line with PO1. Five PO, with P04 highly elevated. Five VO, with VO1-VO3 progressively elevated to form an ascending oblique line. SAO curved to strongly angulate. AO divided into AOa and AOp; AOal usually elevated, sometimes level. One Pol, sometimes continuous with AOa. Four Prc. Supra- and infra-caudal glands absent. Usually a luminous scale at PLO.
High-oceanic, mesopelagic or pseudoceanic pelaBc/epibenthic in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters of all three oceans.

Species more than 60; in Clofnam area 12.

Species of this genus in the program:
Diaphus adenomus
Diaphus bertelseni
Diaphus brachycephalus
Diaphus dumerilii
Diaphus effulgens
Diaphus holti
Diaphus lucidus
Diaphus metopoclampus
Diaphus mollis
Diaphus rafinesquei
Diaphus subtilis
Diaphus thermophilus