Masturus lanceolatus

Author: Liénard, 1840

Masturus lanceolatus Liénard, 1840

Status in World Register of Marine Species:
Accepted name: Masturus lanceolatus (Liénard, 1840) (updated 2009-06-25)

Diagnosis: median lobe of clavus about length of head, supported by 3-9 rays without terminal ossifications. Colour: silvery blue, often with silvery spots on sides of body and bases of fins. Size: to about 3 m TL.

Habitat: 3 developmental stages as in M. mola. Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: the Azores. Cosmopolitan.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. McCulloch, 1912: 553 (part.), pl. 59 (Mola sp.) | Gudger, 1939: 305 (part.), fig. 1-5 | Fraser-Brunner, 1951:103, fig. 9.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.