Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus

Author: Valenciennes, 1837

Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus Valenciennes, 1837

Status in World Register of Marine Species:
Accepted name: Deltentosteus quadrimaculatus (Valenciennes, 1837) (updated 2009-06-25)

Diagnosis: angle of jaws below anterior half of orbit. Dl VI; D2 I + 8-9; A I + 8-9; P 17-18. Scales in lateral series 33-35. Vertebrae 33. Colour: body rawn, with coarse dark reticulation and 4 large dark blotches along lateral midline, below pale saddles across back; first dorsal fin with distal black spot in rear corner and black streak along anterior ede; pelvic disc and anal fin more or less dusky. Size: to 8 cm.

Habitat: sand or muddy sand, to 90 m. Food: no data.

Reproduction: spring (Mediterranean).
Distribution: eastern Atlantic (southern Bay of Biscay to Mauretania); Mediterranean.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Lo Bianco, 1888: 435 | Gourret, 1893a: 35 | Fage, 1918: 66 | Padoa, 1953: 652.
Otoliths (sagitta). Bauzá-Rullán, 1960b: 59, pl. Vl (fig. 39 40), pl. VII (fig. 41-44).