Grammatostomias flagellibarba

Author: Holt and Bryne, 1910

Grammatostomias flagellibarba Holt and Bryne, 1910

Status in World Register of Marine Species:
Accepted name: Grammatostomias flagellibarba Holt and Byrne, 1910 (updated 2009-06-25)

Diagnosis: loop of luminous tissue on side of body almost straight dorsally, forming irregular zig-zags ventrally, its posterior-most extent over pelvic fin insertions. Colour: head and body black, except pale loop. Size: to more than 20 cm.

Habitat, etc.: see family.

Distribution: from about 43° to 50° N. Elsewhere, North Atlantic west of 45 W between about 15 and 32° N.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Regan and Trewavas, 1930: 64 | Beebe and Crane, 1939: 192-195, fig. 53A | Morrow, 1964: 455.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.