Cyclothone obscura

Author: Brauer, 1906

Cyclothone obscura Brauer, 1906

Status in World Register of Marine Species:
Accepted name: Cyclothone obscura Brauer, 1902 (updated 2009-06-25)

Diagnosis: body elongate; mouth large; premaxillary teeth even; vomer with teeth. Pseudobranch absent, gillrakers on first arch 23-29, (5) 6 on hypobranchial, no raker in articulation of epi- and ceratobranchial; branchiostegal rays 13-14, 5 on epihyal. Dorsal finrays 13-15; pectoral finrays 9-10; pelvic finrays 6; anal finrays 17-19; dorsal and anal fin origins opposite; last dorsal and anal finrays not split to base; dorsal adipose fin absent; anus midway between pelvic fin bases and anal fin origin. Vertebrae 31-33. Pyloric caecae 3. Scales present. Head and body lacking photophores, pre-caudal and opercular glands. Colour: uniformly dark brown. Size: to 60 mm SL.

Habitat: oceanic, bathypelagic; juveniles and adults at 900-3,000 m; no diel vertical migrations. Food: no data. Reproduction: presumed dioecious.

Distribution: circumtropical; occasionally sampled in southern periphery of Clofnam area; absent in Mediterranean.