Opisthoproctus grimaldii

Author: Zugmayer, 1911

Opisthoproctus grimaldii Zugmayer, 1911

Status in World Register of Marine Species:
Accepted name: Opisthoproctus grimaldii Zugmayer, 1911 (updated 2009-06-25)

Diagnosis: snout long, 20% or more of SL. Ventral fin origin well posterior to dorsal fin origin. Colour: generally silvery. Most specimens with four dusky blotches on the sole. Size: to about 8 cm.

Habitat: living mainly between 300 and 400 m but ranging from 200 to 600 m. Probably not a vertical migrator. Food: no data. Reproduction: pelagic eggs and larvae.

Distribution: tropical Atlantic with only a few catches in the southern part of area. Taken also in the tropical western Pacific.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Scmnidt, 1918: 29, fig. 19.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.