Genus Dolopichthys

Dolopichthys Garman, 1899

Females distinct from other oneirodids in having dorsal profile of frontal bone nearly straight (convex in all other oneirodids except Bertella and Lophodolos) and in escal characters. Males non-parasitic with 5-8 upper and 8-10 lower denticular teeth. Larvae, males and juvenile females with subdermal pigment on caudal peduncle separated in a dorsal, a lateral and a ventral group. Largest females 160- 190 mm, largest male 12.5 mm.

Species 6; in Clofnam area 4.

Recent revision: Pietsch (1972).

Species of this genus in the program:
Dolopichthys allector
Dolopichthys danae
Dolopichthys jubatus
Dolopichthys longicornis