Welcome to "Fishes of the Northeastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean"

"The printed form of the present work, and overall fauna of salt-water fish of the palearctic region, is a logical followup to the Check-list of the fishes of the Northeastern Atlantic and of the Mediterranean, published by UNESCO in 1973".

"Following a recommandation of the second European Congress of Ichtyologists, held in Paris in 1976, an extensive project was undertaken which resulted in this fauna. In fact, UNESCO's decision to cooperate with the international scientific community in this subject area began in 1965 with the establishment of a Panel of Experts for a Catalogue of Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. The final product of this panel was the two-volume Check-list in book form, which represented an important step toward the production of the present work".

We hope you enjoy the computerized version of this work, and those who know the printed version will appreciate new features added herein.

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