Genus Paraliparis

Paraliparis Collett, 1879

One pair of nostrils (nostrils single). Ventral sucking disc absent. Pectoral fin divided into 2 lobes or not; if present, lower lobe not forming a single filament. Pseudobranch absent.
Benthic, benthopelagic or pelagic, from about 100 m to abyssal. Food generally unknown; includes crustaceans and other benthic and pelagic invertebrates. Reproduction little known; some abyssal species apparently spawn throughout the year; other shallower species may not. Eggs are usually moderately to extremely large, and fecundity is low.

Species about 60, in Clofnam area 4.

Recent revision: Burke (1930).

Species of this genus in the program:
Paraliparis bathybius
Paraliparis edwardsi
Paraliparis leptochirus
Paraliparis membranaceus