Genus Chromogobius

Chromogobius De Buen, 1930

Sub-orbital papillae in 7 transverse rows, 4 before and 1 lower part below longitudinal row b. No row a. Anterior oculoscapular and preopercular canals present, but no posterior oculoscapular canal. Predorsal area scaled or naked, cheek naked. Anterior nostril tubular, short, lacking well-defined process from rim. Pectoral fin with uppermost rays free only at tips. Pelvic disc complete, rounded, anterior membrane with slight lateral lobes. First dorsal rays VI. Vertebrae 27. Scales in lateral series 40-72, ctenoid or cycloid.
Cryptobenthic, close to shore.

Species 2, both in Clofnam area.

Recent revision: Miller (1971).

Species of this genus in the program:
Chromogobius quadrivittatus
Chromogobius zebratus