Genus Linophryne

Linophryne Collett, 1886

Females distinct from other genera of the family in having a hyoid barbel distally with small globular photophores; a strong undivided preopercular spine; teeth few and long (largest tooth in lower jaw 10-18% SL in most specimens); skin black. Males parasitic, with reabsorbed premaxillae, lower as well as upper denticular teeth well developed, replacing jaw teeth; skin pigmented. Largest females 200-230 mm, largest unattached male 16 mm, largest parasitic male 29 mm.

Species 18; in Clofnam area 6; 7 others in the Atlantic north of equator.

Recent revision: Bertelsen (1982).

Species of this genus in the program:
Linophryne brevibarbata
Linophryne coronata
Linophryne lucifera
Linophryne maderensis
Linophryne polypogon
Linophryne sexfilis