Genus Bathyraja

Bathyraja Ishiyama and Hubbs, 1968

Snout long and soft, due to flexible and delicate rostral cartilage extending to tip of snout, the rostral appendages short, their hind ends free; disc somewhat flabby and conspicuously massive. Anterior pectoral finrays extending almost to snout tip. Male claspers very long and slender, with the glans short and only a little widened. Upper surface typically without thorns on disc, but only median thorns on tail. Disc uniformly coloured above and below.
Large species (to about 200 cm TL) from deepwater. Another group of species (not in this area) is confined mainly to moderately deep and shelf waters and comprises medium-sized species (to about 100 cm TL) with relatively short snouts, variable spination and colour patterns very similar to many species of Raja.

Species about 40; in Clofnam area 3.

Recent revisions: on regional basis only (see for family).

Species of this genus in the program:
Bathyraja pallida
Bathyraja richardsoni
Bathyraja spinicauda